Certification Process

1. Enquiry  Should you require a formal quotation for Certification please contact your local office. Should you prefer, please complete the on-line enquiry form (adjacent) and submit this via the website. The enquiry will be routed automatically to the relevant local/regional office.

The details submitted on the enquiry form havebeen specifically designed in order to obtain as much detail as possible to allow the most cost effective quotation to be prepared on your behalf.

If you are in doubt regarding any question on the form, please note this on the comment section of the form and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

2. Acceptance  Should the quotation be acceptable, a formal contract review is performed and a competent Evaluator(s) is/are assigned to your case. Our office will inform you as to the documentation you need to submit, Upon receipt an initial review (Stage 1) will be conducted. The purpose of the stage 1 is to check that all the relevant requirements to determine your competence have been addressed within your submitted documents.  

3. On-Site Evaluation  The stage 2 evaluation is to confirm that you are able to apply in a practical way, your knowledge and understanding of the scheme and any relevanrt legislation . At the end of the evaluation, like the stage 1, a formal report will be produced and issued, with the evaluator's recommendation.

Subject to correction of any issues raised, and after an independent review of the report and any associated documents, a formal Certificate of Registration will be issued. In addition, details of the certification will be entered on the ACB website - see Home page of this website, which shall allow the certification to be taken advantage of by would-be customers. Finally, logos may be downloaded which may be used on marketing material as per published logo regulations (see Privacy and Marks). 

4. Ongoing Monitoring Annual monitoring takes place (known as surveillance). The purpose of this monitoring is to ensure that the certification requirements are being fulfilled on an on-going basis.

The above process is maintained for the "life of the certificate."