URS  on behalf of Accordia is committed to providing exceptional auditing, and training services for the security of our clients.  Our primary focus is to provide honest, impartial and professional services to our clients who endeavour to comply or confirm socially responsible behavior and for the security and safety of their supply chain.

URS co-operated with Accordia was founded under three simple and straightforward business principles that provide a “License to Operate” in this industry:

1-professionally train and qualify personnel that will service our clients

2-Anticipate, understand and fulfill the expectations and needs of our clients

3-Return value to our clients through responsive, accurate and timely delivery of services

WRAP Benefits

- The WRAP Certification Program is based on 12 Principles focusing on local law and workplace regulations, generally accepted international workplace standards, and the environment.

- WRAP also includes evaluation of a facility’s customs compliance and security standards in line with the Customs -

- As stated above, WRAP focuses on compliance with local law.  It is an apolitical organization and does not lobby nor advocate for issues such as freedom of association outside of local law, nor the concept of a living wage, which has not been defined.

- WRAP understands and respects the unique culture of each country. Therefore it is the policy that WRAP has not and will not get involved in any political issue with any country.

- Facilities benefit from WRAP certification by demonstrating compliance with buyer Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements. 

- This certification clearly opens doors and creates business opportunities in today’s highly competitive global export markets.

- WRAP is well recognized and has been accepted by many international retailers, brand manufacturers and licensors.

- Manufacturers in many developing countries have treated WRAP as an “International Passport for Entry into Western Countries”.

- WRAP has incorporated a significant number of “best practices” to assist facilities in becoming more efficient, productive and profitable.

- Finally, the overall benefits are clear: better working conditions for employees, an environmental program designed to protect the environment, and a sustainable platform to provide for future generations.

Some of our Major client which have big reputation in EGYPT market  :


2. Al Nahr Al Khalid Intl. garments Company



5. Sheeba International Garments CO.

6. Middle East Factory for Ready Made Garments & Weaving

7 El Nasr Clothing & Textiles Co. (Kabo)

8. TIBA International Co. For Garments

9. Royaltex For Textile and Ready Made Garments.

Some of our Major client which have big reputation in AFRICA -ETHIOPIA market

  1. MAA Garment and Textile Factory  
  2. Almeda Textile Plc
  3. Adama Spinning Factory Ethiopia

General Manager:Mr.Tarek Houta