Food & Hospitality Services

You are part of the hospitality industry, you know how important safety is to your business. Focusing on safety and minimizing the risks of contamination are part of your daily routine, and you must be completely sure that you are managing your operations as safely as possible to avoid exposure.

URS , we offer a wide range of hospitality services. From hotels, restaurants, catering to food retail, convenience stores, schools and hospitals, we will work with you to help your staff adhere to food safety and hygiene standards. We offer inspection and verification services, testing and assessment, and also training to ensure that your staff are fully equipped to maintain hygiene standards and cognizant of procedures in the unlikely event of contamination.

Our specialist hospitality services teams have experience of every scenario, and understand the importance of meeting regulatory standards and strictly following international guidelines. We operate our hospitality services and laboratory testing facilities all over the world, giving you a fast and efficient service.

Service of Food & Hospitality:

  1. Food Safety auditing
  2. Room Hygiene Auditing
  3. Safety Audit
  4. Sampling
  5. Legionella Auditing