Standards and Schemes

Quality Management - ISO 9001 This standard is for the assurance of quality of products, or services; by the adoption of management system requirements from determining product/service specifications, through to the production of the product/service and the related support processes e.g.: training, calibration of test & inspection equipment.

Environmental Management - ISO 14001 This standard is for the assurance of environmental control over environmental aspects and the compliance with regional legal environmental limits via effective management systems. In addition the need to set improved environmental targets to reduce waste and pollution, demonstrates a company that cares for the environment that we all share.

Health & Safety - ISO 45001 This standard is for the assurance of health and safety systems for a Company´s staff, visitors and sub-contractors. The formal systems must take due note of the regional regulations and requirements. As with other standards, ISO 45001, requires management commitment to improvement and corrections for anything that does not meet required expectations.

Information Security Management Systems - ISO 27001

This standard is for the assurance of information and data being controlled and seen by only those persons that are required to see such data. The standard requires formal management system controls to prevent sensitive data and information from being "leaked" to unwanted parties, such as confidential data, including credit card data, commercially sensitive information, private individual records etc..

Automotive Scheme - IATF 16949 This standard is based on ISO 9001 but has specific requirements that the automotive sector require companies to meet in order to be registered.

In addition, the regulation of the scheme in terms of expectations of the Certification Body are also explicit in certain areas e.g.: the timing of corrections if issues are raised during an audit visit.

Aerospace Schemes - AS 9100 series This standard, series of standards, is based on ISO 9001, however, like IATF 16949, there are specific requirements stated that are relevant to the aerospace sector, whether this be for the manufacture of parts for the aerospace sector, or you as a client repair/maintain aerospace equipment, or sell/distribute equipment for this sector.

Again, like the TS scheme, the requirements on the Registrar are also more explicit in certain areas.

Food Safety - ISO 22000 This standard concerns the management system for the assurance of food safety in production, preparation and delivery. ISO 22000 incorporates the requirements of HACCP and is stringent in all steps/satges in the food chain and the regulations apertaining to the client's processes within the food chain.

Medical Devices - ISO 13485 This standard has been specifically developed for producers and stockists of products and services to the Medical Sector and supports those clients seeking CE Marking of Medical Devices and In-Vitro products and reagents. The Standard is based on ISO 9001 but has a more regulatory bias.

Energy Management - ISO 50001 This standard has been specifically developed for those clients that wish to control and reduce their energy costs and ensure that their "carbon foot-print" is as low as possible within a commercial environment.

I.T. Customer Service - ISO 20000-1 This standard covers the requirements of an I.T. service centre to ensure contracts and Service Level Agreements with customers are effectively managed, reviewed and adhere to agreed SLA and contract requirements. ISO 20000-1 is particularly valuable for those I.T. companies that host customer systems and applications.

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points - HACCP This standard can be applied on its own, or more commonly with ISO 9001 (or ISO 22000). The standard is based on the identification of hazards within the food production sector and the resultant identification of "key" areas of control and monitoring to prevent possible contamination in to the food chain. HACCP is a part of the ISO 22000 standard, which is a more extensive standard.

Good Manufacturing Practise - Food Hygiene - cGMP This standard is based on the WHO guidelines for food production and Codex Alimentarius Requirements.

Good Manufacturing Practise - Pharma - cGMPThis standard is based on the WHO guidelines for pharma industries.

Ships & Marine Technology- Ship Recycling Management Systems - ISO 30000This standard is based around the principles of ISO 14001 but has specific regard to the "break-up" of marine vessels in an environmentally friendly manner.

Socially Responsible Management - SRMThis scheme sets out the management system requirements to ensure fair and reasonable working conditions for employees.

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