Search & Find Client

Search and Validate a Registered Client  - If you are seeking to validate whether a client is Registered to a standard, or scheme, operated by the URS Logo United Registrar of Systems Ltd, or any of its brands, or subsidiaries, e.g.: United Registrar of Systems (URS), but you are not a registered client and therefore, do not have access to the full Business Service benefits of the ACB, then please type in the exact client name in the box provided.

Please note that clients do change, including their name and the administration of such changes can take sometime, so if you are certain that the client is registered in someway, but the search does not reveal the client you were expecting, please do not hesitate to contact the Head Office of the URS Logo United Registrar of Systems Ltd. The contact e-mail of the Head Ofice for such validation of certificates and registration status is: