Logos and Regulations

e of Marks and Logos/Logo Regulations and Rules

a registered Client, Entity, or Person, you will be entitled to use the relevant mark(s)/Logo(s). Before you use your mark(s)/logo(s) - please take the time to read the rules and regulations appertaining to the use of the relevant mark(s)/Logo(s); stated below.

Logo Regulations and Rules of Application

As you are a certified/registered organization, your business is entitled to display this fact, via a logo, or logos, on letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, brochures and marketing materials (including websites) etc., as long as they conform to these requirements.

The choice of logo(s) will depend on:

a) The standard(s), or scheme (hereafter referred to as either standard or scheme) to which your organization is certified/registered.

b) Your organizations preference regarding design and presentation.

In general, the choice of logos available, are as follows:

1. Brand logo (e.g.: United Registrar of Systems) logo on its own.

2. A logo to symbolize the standard on its own.

3. United Registrar of Systems logo with the Accreditation Body logo.

4. United Registrar of Systems logo with the symbolized logo. Note: For some schemes there is not a choice of four logos, e.g.: Non Accredited schemes.

You will only be presented with links to logos for the standard(s) your organization is certified/registered for.

If your Certificate of Registration bears the EGAC logo (look towards the base of the certificate), then your organization is entitled to use any of the appropriate logos which show EGAC mark

Please note that the auditor is obliged at every visit (or evaluation) to check the use of logos and should he or she note that an incorrect logo is being used or a proper logo is being used incorrectly, then a Non-compliance will be raised and you will be requested to remove the logo from all use. In addition, if it is determined that incorrect references to certification status or misleading use of certification documents, logos or reports has occurred, additional actions could be taken by URS Egypt including suspension, withdrawal of certification, publication of the transgression and, if necessary, legal action.

When using a logo(s), please note that there are rules/regulations regarding their use, these are as follows:


a) Logos must not be used on Products, or the Packaging of products.

b) Logos must not be used on laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports.

c) You are not permitted to make any misleading statement regarding its certification and must amend all advertising material if their scope of certification has been reduced.

d) You must not use or permit the use of a certification document or any part thereof in a misleading manner. i.e. the logo(s) can only be used in conjunction with the name and location that gained the certification/registration.

e) Upon suspension or withdrawal of the certificate(s) you must discontinue the use of all advertising materials (hardcopy and/or electronic versions) that contains any reference to certification.

f) Misuse of the accreditation mark and/or certification logo may be cause for withdrawal of your certification, this includes implying that the certification applies to activities that are outside of the scope of certification.

g) You should not use your certification in such a manner as to bring URS Egypt and/or the certification system into disrepute and lose public trust.

h) For logo types 1, 2 and 4, the logos can be of any size and color.

i) For logo type 3, additional specific rules for use of logo are as follows based on the applicable Accreditation Body:

For IAF certified clients may not use the IAF mark on their publications/marketing materials.

Company Vehicles:

You can use the logos on your company vehicle(s) but please note they cannot use any logo that has the Accreditation Body logo (logo type 3) on it.

Access Logos

To Access your logos,

Client will receive logo and marks by email from the certification department after granting certificates.

EGAC Accredited symbol

Brand logo (United Registrar of Systems logo)

URS logo symbolizes   the certified management system

United Registrar of Systems   logo symbolizes the certified management system/standard with the Accreditation Body logo