About Us


  • United Registrar of Systems (URS Certification) is an independent certification body operating in more than 30 countries within the multinational URS Holdings.
  • High quality and guaranteed services are ensured by the United Kingdom accreditation body UKAS, who carefully examine our certification processes and ensure our staff are highly competent in the fields in which they work.
  • URS Certification works with the notable concept of Operational Safety, which presents customers with considerable added value including significant financial savings, and safe and smooth business operations.

Understanding URS

  • The URS Holdings Head Office is based in United Kingdom and offers Services under the unique concept of Reliable Operational Safety.
  • The Holding’s philosophy in conducting its business, across all of its Services is focused on:
    • Quality and expertiseProvision of a high level of professionalism, expertise and quality.
    • Trust and confidentiality Trust is the cornerstone of our customer relationships. We maintain confidentiality and respect the business secrets of our customers.
    • Customer satisfaction Complete customer satisfaction is our aim, so we go "that extra mile" to ensure we deliver all that is expected from us and more.
    • Ethics and responsibility All activities are carried out with due consideration to the ethics of our customers and society in general.
    • Methodology and accreditation The Holding is committed to accreditation for the services we provided. For example, UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), NABCB, DAkkS(Germanys National Accreditation Body) for certification auditing of systems and CNB (Czech National Bank) for provision of insurance services.
    • Expertise All our professionals (auditors, inspectors, risk engineers) have demonstrable expertise and relevant qualifications.
    • The Holding endeavors to provide Features, Advantages and Benefits of its products and services above and beyond its competitors. As a result, the URS Holdings firmly promotes the features of:
      • Reliable Operational Safety
      • Academy of Certified Businesses


  • To be a Global business
  • To offer a "one-stop-shop" with a wide range of scopes in many industrial sectors.
  • To be the best in class customer facing certification company in terms of quality and competitiveness
  • To achieve customer satisfaction and meet their requirements

OUR Mission

  • To enhance the mangment systems of our clients through the delivery of impartial and value adding services that last.