Systems Certification

United Registrar of Systems (URS)was established in May 1994 as an Independent third party Certification Body.The "driving-force" behind the formation of URS was the growing demand for certification and the perceived need of customers for a certification body that provided a pragmatic and technical auditing service.

The objectives of URS were, and they still remain valid today, as follows:

  • Provision of pragmatic and value-added auditing services.
  • To provide certification at competitive and realistic prices.
  • Provision of a Customer Service that is rapid and client focused.

URS now has over 20,000 certification clients Worldwide and has regional offices in over 25 countries.

United Registrar of Systems (URS)was formed as a Holding Company due to the need to extend services beyond that of certification and, in the case of Certification, to provide clients that are seeking "Excellence" in all that they offer.

Consequently, ROS certification to International and National Standards, takes the "base" demands of a certification standard and incorporates additional requirements.

The "model" used for United Registrar of Systems (URS) certification ensures that the management system is based around Management by Objectives and "step-by-step" Process Improvement.

United Registrar of Systems (URS) certification is designed for mature management systems and "blue-chip" companies, or those that wish to emulate such companies.